A Brief History of Cloudsplitter Carpentry

Founded in 1989 by Sharp Swan, Cloudsplitter Carpentry began in Essex, NY. Sharp started as a small company, working on small projects (decks, roofs, small renovations) with one employee. Through hard work and terrific customer relations, Cloudsplitter Carpentry began to grow. Throughout the 1990’s the business began to take off and Sharp was able to take on more employees. One of them was Drew Canning.

Sharp had known Drew since he was eight years old when he guided him on a hike up Big Slide Mountain. They have always been friends. In 1998 they became co-workers when Sharp hired him as a laborer. During this time Cloudsplitter slowly built a loyal client base. In 2007, Sharp decided to take on Drew as a partner. Drew focused more on the business end (business plans, estimates, advertising). Business exploded with each year better than the next. We took on larger projects such as new houses, Bed and Breakfast, apartment buildings, and a 40 foot indoor rock climbing center.

Mike Reinckens started with us shortly after his 18th birthday. He is truly the glue that holds our company together. His skill set is endless. His craftsmanship is only matched by his enthusiasm for the building trade. We have asked Mike to be a partner. Thankfully he accepted.

Cloudsplitter Carpentry currently has seven people on the payroll. We are a growing company that specializes in general construction. Our success can be attributed to what our company believes in. This is not a philosophy of just the owners, but rather the entire crew.

1. No project is too big or too small - Our company has cleaned out gutters and put up storm windows. We have done roofs, decks, and tile, independent of a large job. We have tackled historical renovations. We have built houses from the ground up and even a forty foot indoor rock climbing tower. Whether we are cleaning out gutters, or working on a $750,000.00 job, we take great pride in everything we do.

2. Under promise/over deliver - This is apparent in two forms. The first is estimating. We try very hard to give an accurate assessment of what a project is going to cost. We rely on books, internet, and experience when compiling an estimate. I often tell clients, “With the exception of you, no one wants this under budget more than I do.” I have never gone over an estimate and on average 11% under. During the course of a project, I will do a cost analysis. I will compare the estimated cost versus the actual cost. This allows the client the most up to date financial picture which they can use to make future decisions. The second part of “under promise/ over deliver” comes by way of craftsmanship. It is our firm belief; we want to go beyond not just what the specs call for but the expectations or our client.

3. Surround you with quality people - The primary reason all of our staff and subcontractors are hired is character. If I had to choose only three words to describe the people who work at our company, I would choose; honest, hard working, and receptive. It is also beneficial they are unbelievable craftsman who take great pride in everything they do.

4. Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate - We do this better than anyone. We will listen to any feedback and act accordingly. If there are issues, we will bring them to you in a timely manner. We will offer solutions and fix the problem. We cannot emphasize enough how important communication is to the success of any building project.